Choose the upgrade option that best fits your needs

TLED A: Lamp Exchange

TLED A: Lamp Exchange

No - Low Cost
Instant Savings
Good Value

LED Fixture Upgrade

LED Fixture Upgrade

Requires Customer Cost Commitment*
New Fixture with Improved Appearance
Ability to Dim and Control
Increased Energy Savings
Better Value

LED Fixture with Integrated Controls Upgrade

LED Fixture with Integrated Controls Upgrade

Requires Customer Cost Commitment*
New Fixture with Integrated Controls
Ability to Dim and Control
Maximum Energy Savings
Best Value


HZ Electric Supply can schedule a time to survey your building, count replacement lamps, and propose additional energy upgrades.**

Work with us to choose the best option that fits your business needs to receive maximum energy savings at the most affordable rate! Once your order is placed it will be shipped directly to your business for installation.

Upon completion of your lighting upgrade, we will coordinate the recycling of old lamps and fixtures within 60 days of receipt.

Review the Program

Eversource Criteria

EVERSOURCE - Relighting Massachusets

HZ Electric Supply wants to help you make the most of your business's energy usage! Download the official Eversource documentation for program details and more information.

Save Big with Signify!


Signify can help you save big with these Day-Brite CFI 2x2 and 2x4 recessed fixtures with built-in SpaceWiseDT controls.


2x2 Recessed Troffer | 3000 Lumens | 24W | 3500K


2x4 Recessed Troffer | 3800 Lumens | 30W | 3500K


Get in touch with us to find out if you qualify.

Contact your Sales Representative or our Energy Solutions team at energysolutions@usesi.com to get started today!

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This is a limited time offer - lamps will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis to qualifying commercial and industrial electric customers served by Eversource.
* A minimum customer contribution may be required. ** Minimum quantities apply.