Energy Solutions

Our Energy Solutions team can help you drastically improve your facility while reducing your energy consumption and saving you money.

HZ understands the rising energy costs and how they impact your business in today’s market. These energy costs can be the difference between success and failure in a highly competitive business environment. We also understand that technology is also changing. Our team has the expertise and experience to offer the best custom solutions while maximizing performance, improving environments, and meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Our Energy Solutions team will assist you with the complete energy upgrade process. We can design upgrades based on photometric layouts, best practices, and design references to new high efficiency products. We will inventory existing lighting and controls and offer energy savings. Our team can work with any size client: small facility, large campuses, or multi-location facilities, regardless of geographic location. We can also provide a full analysis of your current energy usage as well as your future energy use after replacement of old equipment.

What We Offer

Our Energy Solutions team provides a variety of services to improve your existing lighting and controls; thus offering savings solutions for you or your customers’ full facilities. In addition, our Energy Solutions team can offer you the following services:

  • A complete energy audit of your facility.
  • Lighting control design and training.
  • Customized training classes at our training facility or yours.
  • Payback analyses, as well as monthly savings.
  • Product vetting to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solutions are employed.
  • Identifying and providing information on tax benefits, rebates, and incentives available to you or your customer. We can also help refer you to experts in the field.

Our results speak for themselves.

Large Industrial Facility in Wallingford, CT

Lighting & Control Upgrade:

Total Projected Cost - $137,879

Rebate Amount - $51, 858

Savings - $40,446

Payback Period - 2 years

Small Industrial Manufacturer in Ware, MA

Warehouse Lighting & Control Upgrade:

Total Projected Cost - $4,186

Rebate Amount - $2,800

Savings - $1,883

Payback Period - 9 months

Commercial Parking Lot in Waterbury, CT

Security Lighting Upgrade:

Total Projected Cost - $12,403

Rebate Amount - $4,920

Savings - $5,028

Payback Period - 17 months

Waste Water Treatment Plant in Upstate NY

Lighting & Control Upgrade:

Total Projected Cost - $23,325

Rebate Amount - $9,330

Savings - $8,953

Payback Period - 18 months

Get in touch with our Energy Solutions team today at

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